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New Hengli YJP inveter ac motors

2018-09-14 14:15:31

New Hengli YJP ac motors are designed with the application of modern technology resulting in compact machines featuring excellent dynamic properties, meeting the most severe application in areas that include automation and process control. the New Hengli YJP ac motors present outstanding operating features, which include:

• Wide speed variation range

• Low weight / output ratio

• High efficiency • Low noise level • Low moment of inertia • High capacity to dynamic loads • Excellent commutation quality

Standard Features

• Three-phase,25,50, 60 Hz and others

• Rated output: up to 1250 kw •

Number of poles: 2 ,4,6,8,10 or 12poles

• Frame sizes: 112mm to 400mm

• Lamination structures

• Voltage: 220 to 660 V

• Service Factor: 1.25

• B3 mount

• Degree of protection: IP23(fan cooled) to IP54(Totally enclosed)

• Class insulation F with class (120ºC) temperature rise

• Grounding brushes for frames 280mm to 400mm

• Grease nipples for frame 355/400MM

• Continuous Duty (S1)

• With thermal protection PTC140 ºC

• Other optional features under request

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