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high quality Z4 series dc motor for steel plants

• Outputs:1.1kw to 3000 kW • Frames: 100 to 1000mm (IEC) • Voltages:220 to 1000 Vdc • Degree of Protection: IP21s to IP55 • Specialized since 1954 • Brand :New Hengli (Hengli) • Made in Hangzhou China

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This is the description of high quality Z4 series dc motor for steel plants

Technical Characteristics
   Output: up to 3,000 kW
   Frame: 100 to 1,000 (IEC)
   Voltage: 220 to 1,000 V (higher voltages on request)
   Speed: 3,000 to 90 rpm
   Degree of protection: IP21S to IP55
   Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz
  Torque: 20 to 200,000 N.m
  Insulation class: F or H
  Mounting: horizontal or Vertical 
  Bearing: ball bearing 

Z4 Series DC Motor

Protection Class

IP21S.IP23 . IP44 and IP55 can be negotiated

Rated Speed

3000,1500,1000,750,600,500,400,300,200r/min and more lower

Standard Rated Voltage

220V/380V/400V/440V/660V or other Voltage may be derived on request

Electric Motor Mounting Type



Horizontal foot mounted



Horizontal flanged foot mounted



Vertical flanged mounted



Vertical flanged and foot mounted

Duty: ContinuousS1

Methods of Cooling: IC06, IC17, IC37 and ICW37A86, Other types of protection and cooling required by customers can be negotiated.

DC MOTOR Applications:
       Machine tools in general, piston pumps, feeding machines, lathes, tension reels,
       Boring machines, grinding machines, textile machines, hoists and cranes, gantries,
      Traction vehicles, presses, paper machines, rotating shears,  steel plants, kiln,
      Chemical and petrochemical industries,exhaust fans, railway roundhouse, separators
      Belt conveyors for the cement industry and others.

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