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Speedway Motors

The motor should slowly start to turn. Series AC MOTOR cannot be used where a constant speed is needed under varying loads. Therefore, if a dc series motor is linked to an ac supply, a torque is going to be developed which tends to rotate the armature in 1 direction.

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This is the description of Speedway Motors

Our ranges of high - voltage three - phase induction motors are optimum series products which are designed and manufactured by our company using advanced technique at home and abroad, in combination practical experiment of our company on production of high-voltage electric motors. New Hengli offered high voltage ac motor are widely applicable in mechanical industries, petrochemical industries, power plant, air-blowers, coal grinders, rolling mills, hoister and belt conveyors etc. and act as a motive power machine in all kinds of industrial and mining establishments such as mining, steeling, machinery, petroleum, blower, compressor, transportation, building materials industry and chemical industries as well as the power plant, etc.


Ploes : 4 , 6, 8, 10 ,12 poles

Frequency (Hz) : 50

Insulation : F

Duty : SI

Protection : IP 55/54/44

Ambient Temp : -15- 45°C

Rating : 400-1400 kW

Rating & Performance : IEC : 34-7,GB/T997

Cooling type: IC01,IC611,IC81W

Protection Class: IP23,IP44,IP54

Mounting type: IMB3(or as requested)

Motor Frame Size: 560mm

is used to drive Windlass, Press machine, Crusher, Stock-removing, drawbenchs and other general-purpose machinery. They can serve as the prime movers in steel, mines, mechanical industries, blower, compressor, transportation, building materials industry, etc field.



The Meaning of Speedway Motors AC MOTOR


The motor should slowly start to turn. Series AC MOTOR cannot be used where a constant speed is needed under varying loads. Therefore, if a dc series motor is linked to an ac supply, a torque is going to be developed which tends to rotate the armature in 1 direction.


Trying to service a motor can be quite dangerous. Use common sense when trying to execute a motor burn. Induction motors are largely utilised in railway traction. They are among the most commonly used type of motor in the world.


At times the motor will become really hot, and needs to be shut down and permitted to cool. When it is again started, the direction of rotation should be in the same direction as with the previous connections. Over time, it loses its ability to work properly and may even fail to turn at all. Electric motor plays a crucial role in the functioning of the contemporary machines. Always keep in mind that electric motors are the center of the machines. Such motors are called brushless DC motors.


On occasion a motor may start to smoke. The synchronous motor isn't a self starting motor. DC motors are no doubt simpler and not as expensive in contrast to its AC electric vehicle motor counterpart. They generally characterize a continual and standard current flow while AC motors are used in variant situations irrespective of the quality of the current flow. The wonderful thing about DC motors is that you could overdrive them.



Type of Speedway Motors AC MOTOR


An armature is put between the south and north poles of the magnet within the motor. Such a rotor is known as a squirrel-cage rotor. As a consequence the rotor doesn't turn. It is simply a laminated structure with cast bars to allow rotor current flow. It will also be advanced with respect to the rotor in the other alternator. Consequently, it cannot reach the synchronous speed. Starting torque will likewise be reduced.

The most usual way is to begin the motor at no load, permit it to reach whole speed, and energize the magnetic field. AC motors arrive in two types, based on the rotor used. In comparison to the AC motor, it's more controllable and strong.


By acquiring just a little wiring wisdom and understanding the way the motor operates, you are able to make an AC motor rotate in any direction you please. On the opposite hand AC or alternating current electric motors are employed in a different process drawing on the sort of ac motor used. AC motors are commonly utilized to drive machinery for a wide selection of applications.


After the motor is again started, the direction of rotation ought to be in the exact same direction much like the prior connection. Since you may see, there are many kinds of AC motors. The first action to do in an AC motor is to make a rotating field. The absolute most frequent AC motors arrive in two classifications-single-phase and three-phase.



A Secret Weapon for Speedway Motors AC MOTOR


Just like the other Airpax motor, it doesn't microstep whatsoever. The emf a motor generates is known as the back emf. PLCs in motor controls may also be designed to switch off the motor when phase loss occurs.


Long service life

High efficiency and reliability

Low noise operation and small vibration 

Easy mounting and maintenance 

Foot/Flange mounting with single shaft extension

Totally closed air circuit water cooled/ Totally closed air circuit air cooled/ Natural ventilation cooled


Which are the essential determinants requirements that allows New Hengli to really differentiate from all the other players?

Fifty years of technical experience of its board and its staff;

Continued research and development aimed at increasing the efficiency of their engines, in compliance with the increasingly sensitive propensity for energy saving and environmental protection;

An highly qualified service, able to solve any problem.

The tailor-made service:
the given opportunity to customize own electric motors, standard or explosion-proof, on the customer's specific project, thus satisfying every possible need and application, through a range of opportunities and offers to show that such flexibility is the strength of this company.



  • High quality
  • Competitive price
  • Qualified and ramified assistance network
  • Italian know-how and engineering
  • Huge range of electric motors
  • Various types of motor efficiency
  • High efficiency IE1, IE2, IE3… IE4
  • The company’s flexibility
  • Quick response to inquiries
  • Swift production of medium/high tension special motors




  • Foot/Flange mounting with single shaft extension
  • Class ‘F’ insulation
  • Cast Iron end Covers
  • Optimum fan design for better cooling and minimum energy consumption


  • Input Voltage (V) : 380-11000V AC
  • Rating : 250kw- 11500 kw
  • Poles:2,4,6,8,10,12poles
  • Voltage/power/speed/protection/coolingcan be customized.
  • Insulation : FDuty : SI
  • Protection : IP 54/44/23
  • Enclosureand cooling  : IC81W,IC611,IC01
  • 0 Ambient Temp : 0 – 45°C
  • Frame Size : 255,450,500,560,630
  • Rating & Performance : IEC : 34-1


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