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haigh quality high voltage slipring motors made in china for cemetery

haigh quality high voltage slipring motors made in china Ploes : 4 , 6, 8, 10 ,12 ,16poles Frequency (Hz) : 50 or 60HZ Insulation : F Duty : SI Protection : IP 55/54/44 Ambient Temp : -15- 45°C Rating : 200-15000 kW Rating & Performance : IEC : 34-7,GB/T997 Cooling type: IC01,IC611,IC81W Protection Class: IP23,IP44,IP54 Mounting type: IMB3(or as requested)

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Our Product Detail

This is the description of haigh quality high voltage slipring motors made in china for cemetery

Standard Features

  • Sinusoidal power supply of 3000v to 11,000 V
  • Motors manufactured in 2 to 16 poles
  • welded steel plates for frame 355 to 1000
  • Cooling methods used:
    - Open self-ventilated;
    - Self-ventilated by ducts, air inlet and outlet;
    - Forced ventilated, air inlet and outlet by ducts;
    - Forced ventilation, cooling on top of motor;
    - air-to-air Cooler ;- Air-to-water Cooler ;other cooling methods can be design
  • Mounting: B3
  • Degree of Protection: IP23 to IP55
  • Service duty: (S1)
  • Class of insulation: F
  • Service Factor: 1.0
  • Ambient temperature: 40 °C
  • Altitude: 1000 m
  • Temperature detector: Pt100
  • Single phase space heater
  • Bearings: Rolling bearing or Sleeve bearings
  • Electrically insulated non-drive end bearing for frames 450 and above, when connected directly to the power supply
  • Stainless steel nameplate
  • Grounding lug on the frame and terminal box
  • Grounding brush on drive end shaft for frame size 450 and above
  • Stainless steel slip rings
  • Service Factor: 1.15
  • Class of insulation: H
  • Temperature rise: 105°K for class F
  • Temperature rise: 125°K for class H
  • Ambient temperature above 40 °C (on request)
  • Altitude above 1000 m (on request)
  • Mountings: B5, B35, V1, V3, V5, V6, V18, V19, V36
  • Degree of Protection IPW55 and above
  • Classified area application: Ex-n, Ex-e, Ex-p
  • Special balance
  • Base: rail, sliding base, extended feet, rebuilt feet, anchorage plate
  • Steel welded terminal box in different sizes, based on internal available space
  • Power factor correction capacitors
  • Non-reversion ratchet
  • Centrifugal switch
  • Temperature detector: Thermistor (PTC or NTC)
  • Temperature detector: Thermostat (Bimetallic)
  • Two energized power terminal boxes
  • One or more accessory terminal boxes
  • Shaft: Special dimensions, double shaft end, tapered, hollow, special steel
  • Sleeve bearing
  • Oil lubricated bearing
  • Special bearing (overdesigned) for axial or radial thrust
  • Special painting
  • Terminal block for low voltage
  • Cable gland in the terminal box entrance
  • Protection against voltage surge: Lighting arrestors and Capacitors
  • Aluminum, copper or brass rotor
  • Vibration detector
  • Noise suppressor in the air inlet and outlet
  • Encoder
  • Tachogenerator

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